Make a Chocolate Mold of Your Own Brain and Eat It

Just in time for Halloween parties, the website Instructables has released info on how to turn your own brain MRI scan into a delicious chocolate brain treat for all of your wannabe zombie friends to munch on.

The first step is (obviously) to get an MRI and get your hands on a copy of the scan’s brainfiller1.jpgDICOM data. Convert that information into an STL file format (a format used for most 3D Printers) and after cleaning up the image a bit you can ‘print’ yourself a nice model of your brain scan. From there you can create a latex mold of your brain and pour your favorite chocolate in.

Voila! You now have a bite sized version of your own gray matter to chow down on. Obviously not all of us have access to our own MRI machine to make a scan of our brains whenever we feel like so Instructables had provided a copy of their DICOM and STL files for you to use on your own 3D printers. You have those, right?

Either way, it’s a really cool idea that if you can pull it off would make a really great party snack.

(Source: Instructables)