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Radiologic Technology is one of the most advanced areas of healthcare, and X-Ray Technicians and Technologists one of the most sought-after career paths. Training programs are in high demand, with schools offering either full X-Ray Tech programs, or X-Ray Tech options within other healthcare fields, such as Medical Assisting. The path you choose depends on your particular focus and career goals.

X-Ray Technologist Schools is an online information and school resource for students, potential students and professionals in the field of radiography and x-ray technology. Use our custom school search agent to find x-ray tech schools by state or by zip code, or browse the site’s growing bank of articles and links for career and education information on the field of radiologic technology.

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Ultrasound Technician schools and training programs are increasingly popular as more students choose a career path in Sonography.
With a variety of Ultrasound school specialties available, students can choose between abdominal, cardiographic, obstetric and other areas of Medical Sonography in order to build a specialty career.
In this section: Here you’ll find helpful information about Ultrasound Technician training programs and education, including a list of recommended Ultrasound Tech schools.

Articles & Additional Info

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Browse our catalogue of articles on Ultrasound Technician careers and education to get a better idea of what this exciting, high-tech field holds for you.
In this section: See different types of Ultrasound, new technology in Sonographic imaging, and an overview of prenatal Ultrasound, and decide if this is the right career path for you.

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The legal and criminal justice fields hold career opportunities of every kind. From law enforcement to legal, your career path can go any direction you wish.Depending on the background you pursue in school, you can open doors to police work, forensics, criminalistics, government agencies, and even health agencies.In this section: Explore the various career paths available to criminal justice school graduates, and find out which direction is the one you will take to success.

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