Is Recertification of X-Ray Technologists Mandatory?

Starting in 2011, any certification awarded by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) will be good for only a 10-year period.

Previously, an x-ray technologist needed only one initial certification for his or her entire career. After January 1, 2011, however, technologists will need to be recertified every 10 years. In order to renew their certificates, x-ray technologists registered with the ARRT will have to demonstrate that they are still qualified to perform the essential functions of the job (see: x-ray tech job description).

The change comes in response to the rapid pace of technological advancement in the industry. With new devices and techniques entering the field every month, it’s vital that x-ray technologists display up-to-date knowledge of the conventions of their profession and the options available to patients. Recertification ensures not only that x-ray techs are prepared to perform their job at a high level but also that patients are able to receive the best treatment possible.┬áMany other health care professions already require periodic recertification.

Even if an x-ray technologist isn’t subject to recertification, though, they must annually renew their registration, certifying that they comply with the ARRT’s rules and code of ethics, and every two years, they must meet a continuing education requirement designed to maintain competence and prevent professional obsolescence. (see: x-ray technologist training.)

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